Human vs Robot. Game up to 9 goals

Robot and creator play non-stop up to 9 goals plays in Stiga Play-Off table hockey with puck. Robot wins with a score of 9:6.

The robot has its own brains

The table hockey robot has its own brains - a mini-computer on board.

Slim-mini case 20x20x5 cm, i3 9100 processor

FPS ~20 frames per second was reached when objects of the playing field were recognized by the neural network, the latency from real time was ~ 200 milliseconds.

Compared to previous videos, the robot began to make decisions 3 times faster, which had a good effect on the protection of the gate.

Robot scores goals

Best table hockey game highlights

3 game modes

The 1st game mode is suitable for beginners to play table hockey, for children and adults who are just getting acquainted with this sport. The robot moves the players and doesn’t strike quickly, giving the opponent time to navigate, find the right player, do not forget about defense, move the goalkeeper. Nevertheless, he knows how to score goals.

The 2nd mode of the game seems to enliven the robot, the movement of players to the puck becomes faster and the club hits tougher. After learning how to control players on the field in the first mode, it will be much more interesting for beginners.

The 3rd game mode more accelerates the robot, all players move even faster and club hits are even tougher.

6 robohands for table hockey via Arduino Mega

The robot has 12 stepper motors, 2 motors for each player to play table hockey.

The 1st motor through a mechanical drive moves the player forward and backward, and the 2nd motor through a flexible transmission moves the club left and right and strikes the puck.

When the robot is turned on, LEDs with a green glow light up. When moving forward and backward, a blue glow is added, and when turning with a club, a red glow is added.

The robot is, as it were, fastened to the table hockey game STIGA PLAY-OFF, and if necessary, it can be “unfastened” in 1 minute.

Human vs Table Hockey Robot

A robot with 12 motors, a camera and a neural network plays STIGA PLAY OFF table hockey against a human.

How does the robot work

The robot sees everything that happens on the field via the Full HD camera (is located a meter above the playing field), where the players are, where the puck is and makes decisions.

It sends control commands to the mechanical part, first to the Arduino Mega controller via the USB port, the controller sends signals to the motor drivers, and those to the motors, which set the players in motion.

In total, on each side of the field we have 6 players, a goalkeeper and 5 on the field.

Each of the 6 players is set in motion by a pair of motors, one for moving forward and backward in the field, and the second motor moves the player's club left and right. Movement can be very slow, and very fast for the dynamics of the game.